Fixed Fee Closing Searches - Property Searches

Fixed Fee Closing Searches - Property Searches

Over 1500 Solicitors, Semi-State Bodies and Financial Institutions entrust us with their closing searches on a daily basis.

We have provided closing searches for some of the largest property transactions in the history of the state and our vastly experienced and skilled Law Searching staff are always at hand to provide their expertise and advise in closing searches.

We carry out on average more closing searches than all our competitors combined.

Reducing Solicitors law searching costs fixed price option

  • Are you overpaying for Closing Searches?
  • Are you unsure what price to Quote your client for same day closing?
  • Would you like a fixed price for same day closing searches irrelevant of the number of searches involved in the closing of this sale?
  • Why not avail of the Corporate access budget pack set of closing searches?
  • What is a budget pack set of closing searches?

A Budget Pack Set Of Closing Searches is a fixed fee search package designed by Corporate Access allowing Solicitors unlimited searches when closing a sale

The Budget Pack Set of Closing Searches includes all searches in:

  • Property Registration Authority (Folio Inspection)
  • Judgment Office (Real Estate & Personal)
  • Bankruptcy Office
  • Companies Registration Office
  • Registry Of Deeds (Last 20 years only, 2 Names)
  • Dublin Planning Searches (1 Per Requisition)

Any Additional Searches will be charged at our normal fee

So why not contact our office today to become a Budget Pack Client and avail of this value for money offer. Remember, over 95% of all Closing Searches are carried out in under 1 Working hour and there are no time Restrictions on ordering searches.

Fixed Fee Closing Searches - Property Searches